This is an explanation on ships, their roles and how they generally work.

So let’s get started with…


The Mustang Alpha and the Aurora LN are both great starters. Both having explorer, starter and fighter/militia variants. The Mustang takes it a step further by also having a Racing variant. These different models range from what you will be able to do with them, and general firepower. The Aurora still comes out on top in our opinion, beeing the most versatile of the bunch. Modular to carry more cargo than the Mustang, all models equipped with a bed, makes it also a decent 1-man small ship. What the Mustang lacks in capacity and modularity, it makes up for by being the faster, more agile starter.

So it comes down to the users’ needs and wishes.


The “High-End” Starters

The Avenger Stalker and the 300i are higher end starter ships with more speed and space. The Avenger Stalker is a decomissioned police cruiser with a lot to offer its owner. A cargo bay pre-fitted with holding cells for bounty hunting, it gives players a new career path on the go. If cargo is what you want, then the modular holding cells can be taken out for extra cargo space. With plenty of firepower the Avenger Stalker doesn’t stop short there either. The 300-Series is the faster, more agile ship of the high-end starters with a luxurious look on the interior and a sporty look on the outside, its sleek look and capability the 300-series has it all. Firepower and agility, small sized cargo bay. The 300-series can handle most of what you throw at it. With the 300-series lacking the ability to have holding cells, the Avenger Stalker makes for a little more versatility, but lacks in speed and maneuverability.

Mid end ships

The mid end ranges from most ships more than I care to list. But the possibilities ranges from larger explorer ships, transport, military and even police.

The Freelancer for example is pretty versatile and capable of most tasks. Ranging from larger cargo carrier, military and explorer. That’s where we get into the modularity of the ships. Some ships are meant for one thing and one thing only, but for certain ships you can buy pretty much the model you want and fit it with what you’d like, essentially making a transporter into an explorer. Keep in mind – this is still Alpha, so ships stats are currently in the works. But this is essentially what CIG is going for.

Again, mid end ranges from so many ships (see link below for ship list) and is probably going to be the most attainable class for most pilots/small crews.

High end

This is where SC comes into its own. With MASSIVE! frigates that requires a crew of ten people to operate and so on, even with their own hangar bay for the ability to dock smaller ships in. These ships are meant for big things; massive cargo hauling or even military ops. The ships in this class are up for anything, and are capable of even earning you the cash you need for expensive crews and ships, even those sought after shirts you so want!

List of ships and their info. Keep in mind that the stats are still mostly just a concept and are still beeing tweaked. So the stats may vary from what is shown.

Also, here are some informative videos on certain ships.