If you’re considering buying the game, please support us by providing one of the referral codes below upon registration. This will give you 5,000 extra UEC.

UEC will be awarded upon the release of the full game.
Using our referral link will of course give ourselves certain bonuses as well. Win-win!

The complete list of our contributors’ referral codes is, in alphabetical order:

  • srbz STAR-3KCR-SNR2
  • InZane STAR-XZC7-YKX4
  • Discory STAR-Y9TF-4TZY

Feel free to use and to share any of these referral codes. We will keep this page in accordance with our focus, and if you’d like to contribute to our blog, your own referral code will most definately be listed here, and could at some point be “it”.

How to register

Click this link (same one as above), which is the direct URL to our currently-focused-upon referral code. Notice that the referral section of the enlist page is already filled in. You can also type or copy in your desired referral code manually in this section.

From here, it’s mostly like any other registration form. Please note that “Handle” and “Community Moniker” must be different from “Login ID”. This is a countermeasure step from CIG to further ensure your login credentials.

  • “Login ID” is what you type every time you log in to your user account
  • “Community Moniker” is your alias in the official web forums
  • “Handle” is the name you will go by in-game.

I personally use srbz for both “Handle” and “Community Moniker”, and [something else] for my “Login ID”.

After you register

Feel free to submit your own referral code to our referral code randomizer, which will give you a somewhat increased probability of earning “free” referrals. Your referral code entry in this randomizer will expire after a certain amount of time, but if you like you can submit your email address along with your referral code in order to get an automated notification once your entry expires.