Q. What’s in it for me?

A. Our organizations main focus is to help each other out as much as we can. Keeping the expenses within the org, making a more dependable system and income.

We will try to work together to get everyone familiar with the equipment we supply together. Be that mining equipment or any other equipment. So that we can be sure people feel comfortable with said equipment, we also provide the org with its own fleet in every wing. We have an idea tread at our spectrum page where we encourage our members to post their ideas and sorts. We hope to sculpture our org together, and that also goes for rules.

Q. What is so special with your org compared to others?

A. For starters, we’re not locked to one profession. We’ll do everything within the boundaries of the law. We also have a large scale business plan, with different wings for mining, transporting, mercenaries etc.
With these wings of professions, we will have independent managers within each wing. This will give faster responses for all our members needs, and eliminate “greifers and trolls” faster. And if you feel the medic wing is missing equipment, you will always have someone helping out with getting the needed equipment quicker.

Q. Do i have to pay taxes for being a member of your org? Or is this optional?

A. Our org have a big business plan that will benefit everyone in the org that are willing to play as a community. This means instead of one and one grinding for months for a new ship, we come together and vote for the new ship our org needs as a community. Which will be attainable much faster then anyone can do by them self. Look at it as a well established society, where everyone has a say and their vote counts. And with the benefit of using the ships as you see fit, within the org rules.

Q. Where are your org located?

A. We are an international org for everyone to join no matter where you’re from. We have members from all over the world. There’s of course possibilities that we can’t play with everyone from anywhere. Considering the ping would make it unplayable. You should however be able to find people to play with in our org, or even bring your friends along, we are open to everyone. Our Spectrum forum and chat will also be useful for tips and tricks around our community.

Q. What servers are you playing on?

A. For now there are not any dedicated servers. And until then we are playing on Eu located servers.

Q. How old are the players in the org?

A. We are everything from 17 to 30+.

Q. Does your org have any age limit?

A. No, but for leader positions we are probably going to have one.

Q. How long has your org existed?

A. This org was created for Star Citizen in 2016.

Q. Do i need to be on Teamspeak, Discord or spectrum?

A. You don’t necessarily need to be an active user, but we expect all our members to pay attention to our org’s Spectrum rules and notifications. Your vote counts when we’ll vote for the next ship to buy for our org, this is the members responsibility, and can’t be undone because they did not see the post on the forum. Our members are also asked to help create rules for the org, so they also have a say on the topic. In other words; you need to be able to use spectrum’s forum and chat. (Not necessarily voip)

Q. What do you expect from your members?

A. We expect you to pay taxes, help your fellow members out once in a while and follow the rules. Paying taxes is important, considering this will be our way of funding the org’s equipment purchases.
Which means we will have ships for everyone to take out and share with friends, help out the other org members or take solo jobs. Helping out your own org mates will be important so we can build a trust within our own community, eliminate costs as renting outside help and/or protection, or just to get a medic faster to your location.

Q. Are you a pvp or pve based org?

A. We are going to do everything in the universe, including both pvp and pve.
It’s also up to each members of the org what to partake. The members stand free to try what they like to do as long as its legal. Some might want to take the careful route and only play pve. Whilst some members want blood and pvp. This decision is more up to each individual and their friends.

Q. Do i have to dedicate myself to one Wing?

A. No, you can be or do whatever you want in our org.
We do however expect our Wing Managers to focus mostly on the wing they want to manage. They stand free to do what they want, as long as they keep their responsibility to manage their wing.

Q. What do you expect from your members before they take out any ship?

A. We expect you to know how to pilot and control bigger ships before taking them out.
For the totally new players, we’ll have Auroras, Mustangs and cheap trainee ships for the purpose of learning.
Large and expensive ships needs better pilots, since the “needs and wants” of a few does not out weigh the needs of many. If an inexperienced pilot jumped into an expensive multicrew ship and ended up blowing it up, this pilot would then face consequences. This is so that we make accidents less common, and the big expensive ships available to the groups who wants, can, and knows how to use them.

Please read our spectrum forum rules section.