Plans for future patches

Plans for future patches

2.6  Star Marine

In 2.6 we are going to see the first bit of the FPS portion of the game. With Star Marine that are going into Arena Commander, you will have 2 options to start with. A 4vs4 game and a 12vs12 game. So for those that are not interested in the flying part of the game, this might be the time to try out SC.

Crusader content, being able to take on more missions/tasks in the PU, and general optimalization of the game makes 2.6 an interesting patch.


3.0 The Stanton System

The biggest patch released to-date is 2.5, but that is going to change in 3.0. With planet landing opportunities and a bigger PU, they are introducing trading, cargo transport, piracy, smuggling, mercenary and finally bounty hunting. The game is going to be vastly upgraded from what we know today, lots to do and a new market for jobs opening. The Constellation Aquila and Drake Caterpillar will be flight ready as well. The Stanton System is not just a small upgrade either, its going to be a huge part of the solar system with settlements on planets and more. What part of The Stanton System will be included in 3.0 is still unknown. But what we do know is that in every patch after 3.0, it will be partly growing bigger with every patch.


3.1 Mining and Refining

The 3.0 patch is going to be a stepping stone into the big patches. 3.1 is going to add the ability to mine ores and refine them, helping others by refueling their ships with a Starfarer for example, and escort services to transport those minerals safely through the verse.

They will also add in new ships that will be flight ready in 3.1 Like the Hull C for mass transporting off cargo, with its extendable fuselage. The Hull C will be one of the most common cargo carrier in the verse. And the first mining ship will also be introduced, the Prospector. A one person mining ship fully capable of getting you those valued minerals, the prospector is also a sister ship of the Hull C. The Prospector with its interchangeable mining “bags” makes a Hull C a good match for the Prospector as it does not have to stop mining after filling the bags up. Attach the bags to the Hull C add empty bags to the Prospector and keep mining.


3.2 Repair and Salvage

Although there is not much to say about 3.2 the patch, it’s going to be a big one. Not only is the 3.2 patch set to be repair and salvage, but also mercenary – covert operations, so even more missions for the mercs. With repairs and salvaging ships they are going to add the Reclaimer; a salvage ship that focuses on getting parts and metals from destroyed ships. The rest of the Constellation series is also going to be added into the 3.2 patch.


3.3 Farming and Rescue

Every patch from 3.0 to 4.0 is going to expand the solar system locations, so at some point we presume to be able to see planets with cities where we can land and do business, buy guns etc.

This patch, however, is more focused on bringing in farming mechanics into the game as well as rescue. How farming will work is not known at this point, but according to some photos and rumors you should be able to own a farm where you can grow crops, although we don’t yet know exactly which crops. We will also be introduced to new ships in this patch.


4.0 Jump Points

The fist patch with jump points is 4.0 as its really going to be needed for visiting other star systems. How many? we dont know, but atleast one more star system is going to be added at this point. Traveling between star systems is going to take literally years if you decide to do so without the use of a jump point or quantom drive. The difference between quantom and jump is that quantom is “short” range – basically inside one star system – while jump drive is for traveling outside star systems. Think of it like the means of transportation we got today, you wouldn’t drive a car from Alaska to Yemen. as well as you wouldn’t use a boeing 747 to the local drive-through.

The future for SC looks incredible, and with this content planned to be spread out through 2017 with the exception of 2.6 and 3.0 that are rumored to drop before new year. 2017 is going to be the most interesting year for SC. With the PU expanding massively and jobs/tasks for everyone to engage in, 3.0 is going to be the portal into the new content for us eager and awaiting fans.