We are interested in making new acquaintances and recruiting people to play with.

Our organization is called ACME (ACME corp.), we do a little bit of everything. Transporting, mining, mercenary work – you name it. We are going to set up different wings for different work, and of course provide suitable ships for members to take out for various jobs.

Taxing our members will be needed to expand the corporation with ships and equipment, so that we as a community can grow out fleet and be prepared for all the different tasks the universe will throw at us.

We will also help each other out as a corporation by eliminating cost by for example hiring mercenary help from our own mercenary wing for escort missions, relying on our own exploration wing for discovering jump points etc.

If you are interested in joining our corporation please submit an application to us at ACME. You can bring your friends, and if they haven’t pledged yet, please take a look at the referral code page.

Remember, you are not obligated to play with us just because we are in the same organization if you dont want to. The main goal behind our org, is to make a big corporation where everyone is welcome.

Available positions

We are currently recruiting for these positions within our org:

    • Bail Enforcement manager & recovery agents
    • Mercenary manager & mercenaries
    • Medical Director & crew
    • Fighter Squadron manager & fighter pilots
    • logistics manager/coordinator & crew
    • Repair and Refueling manager & crew
    • Exploration manager & crew
    • Mining manager & crew
    • Pilots and crew for every wing
  • Human Resources manager
  • Marketing manager

Managers will also get Executive roles within our org.

Our Fleet

We have a large, growing, diverse fleet with ships ranging from the Hull-E transport king to small Auroras and everything in between. Everyone is welcome to join with their own ships or fleets.

The different wings

We are going to have multiple wings with one or more managers running them. Their jobs will be managing the wing they are assigned to, so that a new ship is wanted in the transport wing, anyone can ask the manager and he will forward the message to the board. At the end we will take a vote for which ship our org. should aquire next.

In general, it’s the manager’s job to try to keep track on their wing’s needs at all times, and to communicate these needs to the leadership.

Transport wing

The transport wing will solely focus on transport, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use it for our own mining operation. If you need transport, don’t outsource it to someone you don’t know. Just ask someone from the transport wing.

Medical wing

Our medical wing is mainly for our own benefits and should prioritize our own health before someone outside the org. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t work as a medic from the medical wing and do outside work, if the org. is doing fine. We’d like our own to come first so the whole org. can feel safe. Consider this the company’s health care plan.

Fighter squadron

This wing will provide in-house protection. So if the transport wing have planned a huge haul, they can request our fighter squadron to lend a hand. Or if you are personally taking out a Hull C with a couple of friends but you lack the manpower to assemble some fighters, ask the fighter squadron.

In general

All wings will work independent, as well as together for our common cause. We will prioritize our needs first, though. This means we eliminate the need for outsourcing and asking for help elsewhere and thus avoid losing money in the process. As a community we help each other out with the work we are setting out to do.

Every wing will have its own manager. However, that does not mean he’s your boss and can decide when you should work or not. He’s there for managing the ships and the people’s needs. If you ask him for a new ship, he will forward that request and we will take it into consideration when we buy new ships. You will, however, have to abide by the manager if he says you can’t take out the ship you want, i.e. when it’s not insured. In other words, the manager will have control over most aspects of his wing, and you should respect his saying. But he will also have to respect your wishes.

Please take a look at our Q&A, or make your own questions at our spectrum site.