Official gameplay demos

In the past few months CIG has released some really exciting gameplay demos during the events gamescom 2016 and CitizenCon 2016. These include sneek peeks of possible future missions in upcoming patches (3.0 onward) and game features not available in current alpha.

At the gamescom event in august 2016, CIG presented gameplay from the upcoming 3.0 patch which is expected by the end of this year. This video include both planetary landing as well as one more extensive mission than what we’ve seen so far in Star Citizen:

At the CitizenCon event in october 2016 they quite extensively presented some of their goals for several upcoming patches, all the way up to 4.0, along with the combined forums/voip/launcer app called Spectrum. They released a lengthy video of their full presentation, but youtuber Tactical Advance has quckly summed up these features and appended the official gameplay demo to his video:

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