Free to play October 2016

Free to play October 2016

Star Citizen is free to play until the 31st of October 2016. CIG tend to have free-to-play weeks right before the release of a new patch, so we believe 2.6 will come out early November.

To register, please use this referral link, which – if you later decide to buy the game – will give you an extra 5,000 UEC. For more help on registration, please see our brief guide on how to register.

After you’ve registered your account, go to the promo page, make sure the promo code is entered, and click “continue to download” which will get you the installer/launcher. From the launcher you can download and install the game itself, and the launcher supports P2P file transfer. The game takes up about 25 GB on your drive after installation.

As for system requirements; if you have a relatively decent gaming computer you should be able to play. The game is still poorly optimized, so expect a framerate in the low 20s – even with a state-of-the-art graphics card, but it feels quite playable. If your computer is struggling, try turning the graphics to low – it still looks pretty good. Official system requirements are very vague at this point. Read more here.

This trial includes access to the F7C-M Super Hornet, but we will of course be happy to lend you our ships for a test drive if you want to play with us during the trial. Me and InZane currently have the Constellation Andromeda as loaners, and he also has a 300i. We also have people in our “crew” who currently own the Avenger Stalker, the Aurora LN and the Mustang Alpha, so you might have a chance at trying those out as well. Also, people on the servers tend to be hospitable, so we might be able to hitch a ride in for instance a Starfarer or a Retaliator Base if we’re lucky.

What is this game, though?

We could rant for hours at end about this game, but to save us all some time please watch at least the first two videos in the playlist below before asking us questions. You should also check out the rest of this site for information.