We’re overloading you with information here – and we’re aware of it. For those of you who have barely heard of the game, we’ll try to collect and answer some of the most frequent questions here, to the best of our abilities.

What is the game all about?

SC is an MMO game situated in space, but it is more than just a regular MMO. The game will feature space flights and dogfighting, but also exploration, racing, FPS and a massive amount of other aspects. I’d personally like to think of the game (and certainly hope for) a mixture of games like Elite Dangerous, Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield and several FlightSims all-in-one.

There are plenty of roles to fill, and you pick your path yourself. Cargo hauling, safety escorting, bounty hunting, you name it. We have a dedicated category for this topic.

In the PU, all missions and jobs can be done solo, or cooperatively either with a small crew of friends or as part of a larger organization. We’re really looking forward to this game mainly due to our love for impressive games with co-op features done right!

What are the system requirements?

See system requirements.

How do I get a ship?

During alpha, the only way to play the game is to buy a pledge package that includes a ship. Also during alpha, you can rent a ship using REC which you earn in-game. After release you’ll keep the ship you pledge for, and you’ll be able to grind to better ships using UEC.

It will also be possible to salvage abandoned ships in space and keep it as your own, and certain ships may be unlocked through CIG’s referral program.

Can I upgrade my ships weapons and equipment?

Currently in alpha, you can upgrade Hardpoints (Weapons/missiles) and a small collection of shields, cooling and powerplant. Upon launch there will be plenty more upgrade features.
What this is exactly is still unknown with the exceptions of weapons, shields, powerplant and cooling, which is available in alpha, and will be available on launch.

What happens if I die in the game?

From what we’ve heard, death will be quite uncommon, and for the most part you’ll rather be severely injured, usually calling for a search & rescue team to pick you up, and wake up in a medical center. However, permadeath will be part of the game, though only with minor consequences like having to create a new character. Fear not, you will get to keep all your stuff, even in death.

A video I saw on the topic claimed that this will hardly ever happen “so long as you don’t go smashing into the sun”.

So, what if I crash my ship?

See ship insurance.